The Hidden Door

All around is city life. All straight forward and clean cut. There isn’t much colour or mystery. It’s the perfect busy city presented to the world in all its glory. Not much in the way of creativity. Everything needs to be precise and controlled. In the hunt for knowledge nothing is left to the imagination. There is a clinical explanation for every little detail of life. Not much in the way of the unknown. 

Small details that go unnoticed in the greater scheme of city life. People are blinkered by their busy lives. Everything passes by in a blur of grey and routine.  

But if you look hard enough you can find pops of colour among the bleak outline. You can find the mysterious uncertainty yet to be discovered. Tiny wonders that catch the eye and draw people out of the blur. 

This can be seen by something as simple as a door. A door, unlike those around it. A small door tucked away at the side of a forgotten building. Hidden under curtains of flowers and ivy. 

A brown wooden door framed by little pink flowers and thin green tendrils of ivy. This unknown hidden door leading to an unknown place. 

It’s a small beacon of mystery in an otherwise stiflingly boring and linear world. 

It’s uniqueness a contrast to the monotony. 

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