Writing Challenge

A few months ago, a friend of mine ask me to join him in doing a writing challenge. At the time I dreaded agreeing to to it because I thought, “Oh no how can I possibly think of new stuff to write every time.” He told me the first task (he had a book for prompts), and at first I didn’t even understand it, then when I did I panicked because it was similar genre to what I was writing.

Then I calmed down and started thinking about it. One day at work the idea struck and I wrote it out. It was challenging to limit it to 500 words, as I’d really love to expand it. So I wrote it and sent it to him before the deadline, and eagerly awaited his. It never came.

Anyway, I found, much to my surprise that I actually enjoyed it. I had tried to do something similar on another blog (which eventually fizzled out), but having someone interested in reading it helped motivate me.

I know writing is supposed to be for enjoyment, not recognition, and it is when I’m working on my books. But writing these short posts I like to have an audience.

The door post was inspired by a photo someone I used to know had taken (I wish I could share it). I might share pieces I’ve written before, or new ones if I’m inspired. Next post will be the one I mentioned above.

Maybe I’ll get the book that came from and do the challenge myself. Hmmmm

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