I’m on a roll this morning writing, when I’m pulled short. I would have stopped soon anyway, because of work and all that, but this was more abrupt. I’m stuck naming a new character I’ve just introduced.

The one thing I’ve found very difficult is naming my characters. I’m writing a fantasy story, so I’m using made up names. It’s the making up bit that’s hard. I’ve played many computer games in my time where I’ve had to name the people in the game so I’m fine with real world names.

When I very first started writing my fairies, I used plant-like names. I’m glad I’ve changed since, because I’ve been reading other fairy books, and they all use flowers etc. I then decided to go back to what my 10 year old self came up with, and used that idea for naming them.

(I should add that what I’m writing now, has it’s roots in a story I tried to write when I was a child. Back then I’d created the characters, but couldn’t formulate the story.)

So when I decided I didn’t like the plant-like names, I used initials as stand-ins. It took me until I was about halfway to find names that stuck. 

But now as more characters are introduced I need to make up new ones.

Such is the struggle of writing! 

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