Playful Sunbeams

© Carolina Rosa

© Carolina Rosa

The grey clouds above draining the colour from the world. Reducing everything to equal greyness. The clouds are thick and block out the sunlight. Stifling the rays trying to get through.

The people below looking just as dreary. As if the clouds are draining the life out of the people below.

Every now and then, a small ray of light peeks through. A small glimpse of the sun that’s actually there. A small glimmer of hope poking out. Trying to fight its way to the surface. And every now and then, winning the battle against the dullness to shine through unrestrained. Bringing life to those below. Touching so many people and bringing them out of the doldrums.

As the few precious sun rays come through, people turn their faces toward the sky.

The clouds part as if there are little fairies dragging them apart. They swirl and twirl in the air currents. Bouncing off the clouds like trampolines. Enjoying the sunshine on their backs. And when they’re taking a break from their fun, they open the clouds and share the warm glow of the sun above.

If only people knew what lay beyond the clouds, they may not resent them quite so much for selfishly hiding the sun.

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