Naming troubles… again

A few posts ago I mentioned my struggles in naming my characters. But that’s not the only place I’ve struggled with names.

At the moment I’m having trouble naming my book. 

I’ve been through several names, and there have been issues with all of them from different people.

The name I’m using at the moment feels too childish for a YA novel: Fairies in the Wind. 

I was originally using Aer (like air), but it was suggested that it was too vague. Then I tried Aer Faydom which I used for a long time, but when I was at a course everyone agreed it was too difficult to pronounce. 

I’ve submitted under all three names and not had any luck yet (obviously). But this might not be because of the title, but as that’s the first thing they see it’s very possible. 

And as I was discussing with another blogger, I have a placeholder name for my book of Fairyland. Placeholders are really the most obvious and unimaginative names ever!  

Another option I’m thinking of at the moment is Aer Auri. I was using Auri as my series title. (Auri as in aurum as in the latin for gold like AU. They are not quite the rules but thereabouts)

Any thoughts?


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