The forest house

Deep in the forest there is a house. This house is lovely and quaint. It is surrounded by flowers and animals. This house is untouched by humans. It gleams in the sunlight and the windows sparkle. Even though it has never had any human inhabitants, it is perfect. It stands tall and strong, and doesn’t have a single chip in its walls. The tiny ducklings float by on the stream next to the house. And squirrels scuttle to and fro gathering nuts.
Inside the house there is the gentle flapping of wings. The soft patter of little feet. And merry giggles fill the air. Soft glowing orbs hang in the rooms filling them with rainbows. They dance around, and spring from corner to corner, they somersault through the air and soar to the ceilings. They swim with the ducklings, and jump from branch to branch with the squirrels. They ride with the bigger animals and fly with the birds. 
This house is home to the fairies of the forest. The house shelters them while they protect the forest. Their light feeds the plants. Their laughter encourages the birds. And their magic protects everything from harm. 
The tiny quaint house, deep in the forest, is home to the guardians. They look after their friends and the animals keep them company. 

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