Word count

Lately word counts are all I’ve been thinking about.
Of course, as writers who hope to publish we think about it a lot especially in the editing stages. Too much or too little?
Generally with any type of writing, including academic writing, I’ve struggled to get very large word counts. I guess in a way it’s good: I write succinctly? But on the other hand it’s bad: I don’t have enough description.
Description is always a tricky topic though, how much is too much?

When I reread my work I do always manage to find parts that I can tweak and add more. But at what point do you stop? Every time I’ve finished something I think that is it, I’m done. But then I find more things to add.
One of my favourite authors, Trudi Canavan, was tweeting about the last book in a trilogy as she was writing. She had decided to go back and reread all her previous books in the series, and even though they had long been published, she had wanted to add and change things.
(On a side note, that has made me want to read the series again, hmm maybe I’ll put my too read pile on hold for a while).

Lately all my free time has been consumed with writing an academic paper for uni, as I mentioned in my previous post. I think I’ve finished but I had to employ the 10% word count leeway because I’m 200 word under my 2000 word essay. The last 200 words I wrote, I really struggled, it was like drawing blood from a rock. And I have no idea why.

Anyway, so I think I’m done with my academic writing, and I can now go focus on my creative writing for the next month before hopefully the academic writing starts up again (please please let my essay be enough to get me through to next year!)


Out the window, up to the sky. What will this day bring?

Up high in the sky is a plane flying far away. Full of people looking out their windows and down at the group. Looking at the ants and toys boxes far below. 

Down on solid ground is the daily hustle and bustle of busy people. Rushing off to work, mind racing miles ahead, rushing to important things.

Dotted in between the bustling are the leisurely. the stroller out enjoying the day. The dog and its walker getting fresh air and stretching their legs. The jogger enjoying the rush. And the dreamer in a world of their own.

Out the window a whole world lies. Out the window, reality waits.

Update on life

I just wanted to give an update. I haven’t given up the blog, or quit it like I have other things.

I’ve just been so busy lately with uni and work. I’m at uni for 4 days a week this month, and while it’s only for 1 and then 2 hours with an hour in between, I spend an hour on the train there and another hour back. And I spend about an hour in the library before class. So in short that doesn’t leave much time for anything.

I have been writing, although not the kind of writing that I do for fun. I’m writing a 2000 word essay and that may seem easy but it’s really not. I’ve got to about 1200 words and I’m struggling to do the last 800. To get to that number I’ve had to read about 8 journal articles. And articles are somewhat boring! Although, they actually explain how to read them – not all in one go but to go to the sections that are important. It may seem obvious but I always read them all in one go and hated it. 

I’ve bought some books to help with all future writing, as this is going to be with me for a very long time. Of course, the books aren’t going to help me write a fictional book as they’re all about writing reports and articles. But I suppose any writing is good right?

So anyway that’s where I am. I haven’t forgotten my website. 

Serious question about titles

Please help me decide? Which sounds better for a YA fantasy series about magical, elemental, fairies who fight against the imbalance in the world:

1. Fairies in the Wind

2. Aer Faydom

3. Aer Auri

Part of the Auri Series.

Aer can be replaced by ‘air’. Auri are the big non ruling rulers who keep things in balance.

Yes there is a reason for the use of air!

I think I’ve got a basic cover idea.

I’m slowly giving up on the idea of ever getting an agent, and leaning towards self publishing.

Which title is most striking? Which would you most be likely pick up to read?


This is an extract from my book. It’s a bit of a spoiler, but nothing major! I felt this piece was very appropriate of my life right now – I’ve started a summer course in prep for going back to uni! Anyway enjoy:

I was so focused on achieving my end goals that I had lost all enjoyment in life. It all flies passed me in a monotonous string. 

Then one day stands out differently from the rest:

I’m sitting in class. The book in front of me says ‘Neuropsychology’. We are learning about the brain this semester. I turn to look around the lecture hall. It was one of the smaller halls on campus. Medicine was such a difficult and specialised course that the amount of students was not large. I focus back on the professor and take notes.

After class, my friends want to go for lunch, but I say that I have too much studying to do. They smile and wave goodbye.

I get into my car and drive home. I make myself a sandwich and take it back to my room. Sitting at my desk, I look around my room. I still live at home with my parents. All of my friends had lived in dorms and then moved into apartments together. I had decided to stay at home a little while longer. My room, like the rest of the house, was old. Everything had been renovated except the structure. I was just about to swing back to my desk and start working, when something catches my eye.

In the corner of the room, along the skirting board, there is a drawing of some kind that had not been there before. I crouch down and took a closer look. It is a fairy etched into the wood. I feel around the edges to see if I can take it off to look at it better. It comes out quite easily. But instead of the wall behind it, there is a hole. I look inside and see a leather-bound notebook about the size of my hand.

I pull it out. The pages are thick and look very old. I get up and sit at my desk. I open it carefully. There is a loose page at the beginning; it’s a letter, written in very elegant, old fashioned writing.


I was typing away happily when I found myself distracted by the strangest thing.
I was writing a key discovery scene between two characters. I got to a sentence which I finished by saying “he mumbled.” The word mumbled triggered a thought of, ‘someone was called mumble, who was it?’
Some animated character was called Mumble. I was pretty sure it was an animal also.
Now this has absolutely nothing at all to do with my story. But I was still thinking about it. It was something that was bound to keep bugging me until I had solved the mystery.
So a quick google search later and I discover it was the main penguin in Happy Feet.
I don’t know what that says about me that I get distracted so easily, and make these random connections.
Back to writing now.