Undoctored nature

The sun shone through the woods like a torch in the dark. The trees were set wide enough apart to allow people to walk through the woods. In a clearing there was a man-made garden of flowers. Roses, daisies, dandelions, and bluebells. All neatly lined up in boxes.
While development marred the surrounding areas, the woods have been undoctored save for the fantastic flower garden. A small sanctuary in the busy world. The animals frolicked in the safety, protected by the confines of the trees, like a person donning an invisibility cloak.
Deeper in the forest was a pond. It was beautiful, glittering in the occasional streams of light. It’s a source to many creatures who depend on it for survival. In the trees surrounding the pond, the bird sang, their melody carrying across the pond and down the river.
This forest serves as a beacon of hope for many humans and animals alike.


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