Journeys part 1

I wrote this a while ago. I had written the first bit meaning it to be a once off, but with some encouragement it turned into more. I considered expanding it into something more but I haven’t done anything more with it. This is the first part. 

Journey’s near end

Standing at the base of the mountain was very daunting. The man standing there was weary from a long journey already. He looked up at the mountain and sighed.

There was a path leading the way up the mountain. But it was filled with trees and rocks. It was a very difficult path to navigate.

The man adjusted his heavy bag that burdened him. He took a deep breath to steel himself, then set off.

The journey so far had been long and fraught with difficulties. But he knew that if he could just make it over this last mountain he would reach his destination.

The destination was the only thing keeping him going. Contrary to popular belief, this journey was not the best part. The destination would be the best part. The journey was merely a means to an end. A means that had to be endured with difficulty. But that would make the relief of the destination all the better.


The man on the path was on a long journey. He had come a long way and still had a long way to go. He had been alone the whole time.

The loneliness was terrible.

When he got to the mountain he knew it would be even more difficult than it had been up until now. And as he was alone he had nothing to distract him from the arid landscape.

But he accepted his fate. He had after all chosen this. Well not exactly chosen – as he would have done other things if he could have, but he knew what he was getting into.

He had gone up about a quarter of the way when his luck changed. He had stopped for the night and was now unpacking. He sat for a little while longer enjoying the breeze blowing.

It was then that he heard the footsteps in the distance. A figure was approaching him.

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