Journey part 2

Here’s part 2:

Although she had run away from home, she wasn’t running from anything. That is, she wasn’t running from a danger of any kind. If she was running from anything it was boredom.

She had been restless for weeks. Nothing she did could keep her occupied for long. She had a constant feeling of being cooped up even when she was outdoors. She felt like she had no freedom, even when she could do anything she wanted to.

She decided she needed an adventure.

So she had gathered a few of her prized possessions and left in the night.

She wasn’t really sure where she was going, all she knew is that she wanted to be on the move.

She had wondered from place to place, taking in all the sights and sounds, having new experiences, and meeting new people.

In one place she stopped, she was getting advice from the locals about where to go next. They told her to avoid one path because it led to a steep and difficult mountain. They pointed out a better route that led around the mountain.

This had the opposite effect on her. She decided to take the difficult path over the mountain. She was up for a challenge.

She was walking along the path that led to the difficult mountain. She was walking at a comfortable pace. She was in no rush to get anywhere. She had no place to be and no obligations. She was genuinely happy. She had wanted freedom and so she had found it.

She didn’t push herself passed her limit but she was able to keep up a steady pace.

When she got to the base of the mountain it was late afternoon. She couldn’t see far up the mountain because clouds had rolled in. It was daunting but thrilling.

She had worked her way up about a quarter of the way when she saw an odd figure.

It was dusk so the light wasn’t very clear. She saw a shape up ahead that looked vaguely human. This got her thinking.

She hadn’t come across anyone since she had left the town. Up until now she had been happy in her solitude.

Seeing this human figure, however, made her realise what she had been missing.

She suddenly felt the loneliness crash around her. This was new to her; she had always preferred to do things by herself.

This journey was proving more revealing than anything she had ever done before.

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