My writing process

Let me clue you in on my writing session today.

I had finally sat down to write a scene that I’ve been avoiding for a few days. It’s not a bad scene in any way, it is a bit technical but that’s fine. I don’t really know why I was avoiding it, just one of those things. Instead I had spent that time working on my other project which I’d put on hold for a long time – the dystopia story I wrote here is going to fit into this existing project.

Anyway, so I started the scene and then realised that it was going to get technical so I had to go back to find the other time I’d mentioned the same technique. I write in Scrivener, so all my parts are split up and there’s this nifty outline feature which I mastered the other day. So I was looking at the outline and it has the chapter names and the synopses of each chapter. But I’d stopped at chapter 7 and hadn’t written any more synopses after that.

I’m now in the middle of chapter 12, so I went back to chapter 7 and filled in the synopses of each section. DISTRACTION NO. 1.

Of course, to get the synopses I had to read through everything again to make sure I put the right events in. And as soon as a reread happens, editing does also. DISTRACTION NO. 2.

Then when I’d made some tweaks and finished all my synopses, I decided to go back and go through the notes a proofreader had made and keep those changes. DISTRACTION NO. 3.

And now here I am writing this. DISTRACTION NO. 4.

Now that I’ve done all that tomorrow morning I should be able to sit down and do this scene without any problems. We’ll see how true that is!

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