Thoughts on my character

Lately my other project has been consuming my thoughts. The witch story that I have the opening couple paragraphs for. I probably shouldn’t let it distract me from my main story (especially now that I’m back to studying and don’t have time to write anything but psychology).

But I’ve been wondering what she would be studying. I have a picture of my character, age, vague appearance, and kind of what she does. But I don’t know the specifics. I want to explore the university student part of her – very relevant to my life right now – but I just don’t know what she would study.

Do I have her study psychology like me? Because I know exactly what it’s all about.

Or do I have her study something completely different that I’d need to find out more about?

There’s nothing that I can tell so far that she’d need to study to contribute to the story. The only thing is I know she won’t be studying history because that would be a sideline research job for her. Or do I make her study history because it would make her life easier?

Hopefully she’ll reveal her passion to me soon enough 🙂

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