Name look alike

Sorry for my lack of posting, balancing uni and work is just crazy. I haven’t written anything story related in weeks.

Anyway, I was browsing books and I found something that made me cry noooo! I came across a book that used a name I had used.

Now it’s not a name like John, Mary, or Jack. It’s a made up word. Or at least I’d thought that I’d made it up.

They are used to refer to different things. In the book it was someone’s name, whereas I use it for a group of people. But it’s the same name.

‘Auri’ is what I mean. I came up with it from the latin word for gold, aureus, as in the chemical symbol AU. Now I’m not saying it’s very obscure like some of my other names, but it’s still upsetting.

Now I’m going to have to come up with another name for them. And I always struggle with these kinds of names. This is also probably going to stall me slightly.

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