Ding dong.

Go away kid! Faye thought miserably. No lights means no one’s home… Duh! She tried to concentrate on the TV.

“I guess no one’s home,” a muffled voice echoed her thoughts.

It was Halloween and all the kids were out collecting sweets from strangers. Faye had been invited to a couple parties with friends but she had turned them all down.

It wasn’t that Faye didn’t like Halloween; she enjoyed dressing up in fun costumes. It was just that Halloween came with problems for her. For as long as she could remember, she had been hiding this secret. It only affected her on this one night. It never used to be a problem, this night had only gained popularity here in the last few years.

When she was younger, before her problem started, she had led the way on her street when Halloween started getting popular. It wasn’t long however that it was ruined for her.

She glanced at her phone and the screen flashed 20:04.

Time for a film. She wasn’t one for scary movies, but she felt that the festivities should be felt. She wandered over to her DVD collection and pulled out the first series of her favourite old show: Charmed. Smiling, Faye made her way back to her tv and stuck the first disc in. She lay down on the sofa and watched episode after episode.

Faye checked her phone every now and then. She wasn’t expecting any messages; everyone was out having fun as witches, ghosts, and monsters. She kept checking the time. 21:15, 22:28, 23:46.

Ha! It’s nearly midnight. It’s nearly over for another year! she thought happily.

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