This past week I’ve been editing my book after some very constructive critique. I’ve only gotten up to chapter 7 as I’m fitting it around real life.

Never having had any proper feedback like this, my previous editing has mostly been about tidying it up. Sure, I kept adding to it – I have the multicoloured document to prove it – but I’ve never edited quite like this.

I’m probably not doing it right but it’s all I can think to do.

I’ve rewritten some parts, hopefully better. And along the way I’ve been fixing my sentences. Apparently I write in the passive voice.

It’s amazing how much you notice things once it’s actually pointed out to you.

I’m waiting on a proofreader to double check things before I resubmit though. I find it’s always better to hae someone else read things because they notice things you miss. A second pair of eyes and all that.

I’ll hopefully be able to resubmit by Monday.

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