I saw this Tweet the other day from Lauren DeStefano and it has really stuck with me:

I’ve been thinking about it since then and I realised how incredibly true this is. I tend not to read the top chart books or award winners. Mainly because they’re not the type of books I enjoy. Most of my colleagues at the library read them. I prefer books that take me out of my every day life and mostly take me to a magical place. I do read some normal everyday life books, and some crime books but mostly I read fantasy/sci-fi.

My favourites have been books that have meant something to me. Something that has spoken to me in the story. I always have a book with me, even when I’m writing exams – especially then so I can take my mind off things.

If I could do that for others I’d be so happy. If my work could help someone escape their real life for a bit then what better achievement is there? Of course, I’d love to be JK Rowling (who wouldn’t?) but most people can’t be her. So reaching people and helping them in whatever way is the next best thing.

Books are truly magical.

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