Phase one of my editing is complete. Now it’s on to the second phase.

Phase one entailed the editor going through and making adjustments and suggestions and then I went through all those and chose whether to make the changes or not.

It’s enlightening to see the suggestions made. Certain things seem obvious now but when I read through them it seemed ok.

After the next read through is done and everything is as polished as possible I’m going to try resubmit to the only people who were interested in my work and hopefully now it will be up to their standards.

Famous Five Display

So this isn’t part of my book or any writing project, but it is literary.

This is a display I did for the library I work at.

by Carolina De Vivo

by Rosa Carr

I wasn’t a Famous Five fan as a child but I did enjoy making this. It was a display for the summer.

Next I will be making a Roald Dahl display.