Officially published

I am officially a published author, albeit in a book of short stories my writers’ group put together. Still it’s something. I have added two stories to the collection. Both are up here but I’ve changed them since then. Both are set in Windsor, one is about journalists finding a scoop, and the other is set at Halloween.

More details on the book can be found here:


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Editing my book

I am taking the next step in my book’s life. Today editing starts on my book by a professional editor.

I have been in touch with an editor who comes well recommended by other authors I know, Sinead Fitzgibbon.

She has spoken at my writing group and helped others in the group with their work.

I look forward to this next step. I feel like I’m getting closer to self publishing.

I have been through it myself countless times, and change something every time. But I don’t know if what I’m doing is right. This will be a good learning experience for me.

Sharing my work

After a few suggestions, I will be sharing my work on Wattpad. This will sort of be a beta read to see how it’s received.

I have been very reluctant to put all my work up without having it looked at professionally, but as I have been rejected, oh so many times, I have decided that it’s time I just put it out there and see what happens.

If it’s well received I will look into self-publishing it.

Step one: design my cover.

I have designed my own cover. I did it myself because I actually enjoy playing around on Photoshop. But if people don’t like it, I will look into getting done by a proper designer.

This is it if anyone wants to comment before I post it on Wattpad:

Air Fay Cover ©Carolina De Vivo

Air Fay Cover
©Carolina De Vivo

Serious question about titles

Please help me decide? Which sounds better for a YA fantasy series about magical, elemental, fairies who fight against the imbalance in the world:

1. Fairies in the Wind

2. Aer Faydom

3. Aer Auri

Part of the Auri Series.

Aer can be replaced by ‘air’. Auri are the big non ruling rulers who keep things in balance.

Yes there is a reason for the use of air!

I think I’ve got a basic cover idea.

I’m slowly giving up on the idea of ever getting an agent, and leaning towards self publishing.

Which title is most striking? Which would you most be likely pick up to read?


This is an extract from my book. It’s a bit of a spoiler, but nothing major! I felt this piece was very appropriate of my life right now – I’ve started a summer course in prep for going back to uni! Anyway enjoy:

I was so focused on achieving my end goals that I had lost all enjoyment in life. It all flies passed me in a monotonous string. 

Then one day stands out differently from the rest:

I’m sitting in class. The book in front of me says ‘Neuropsychology’. We are learning about the brain this semester. I turn to look around the lecture hall. It was one of the smaller halls on campus. Medicine was such a difficult and specialised course that the amount of students was not large. I focus back on the professor and take notes.

After class, my friends want to go for lunch, but I say that I have too much studying to do. They smile and wave goodbye.

I get into my car and drive home. I make myself a sandwich and take it back to my room. Sitting at my desk, I look around my room. I still live at home with my parents. All of my friends had lived in dorms and then moved into apartments together. I had decided to stay at home a little while longer. My room, like the rest of the house, was old. Everything had been renovated except the structure. I was just about to swing back to my desk and start working, when something catches my eye.

In the corner of the room, along the skirting board, there is a drawing of some kind that had not been there before. I crouch down and took a closer look. It is a fairy etched into the wood. I feel around the edges to see if I can take it off to look at it better. It comes out quite easily. But instead of the wall behind it, there is a hole. I look inside and see a leather-bound notebook about the size of my hand.

I pull it out. The pages are thick and look very old. I get up and sit at my desk. I open it carefully. There is a loose page at the beginning; it’s a letter, written in very elegant, old fashioned writing.

Prologue Excerpt from Auri Series 1

This is part of my prologue from book 1, (tentatively named) ‘Fairies in the Wind.’

As the first rays of the brilliantly red sunrise filled the sky, something disrupted the silence of the forest. A voice was chanting, and as it ended, reality shifted. The bounds of human nature were shattered, and the girl disappeared into nothingness.

As she tumbled between the junction of the worlds, her thoughts were a frantic stream of panic.

This is not right!

What did she do to me?!

That was the last thought she had before excruciating pain overtook her senses.

Pain. Agony, unlike any other she’d ever experienced, pierced through every inch of her body. It was like a million tiny knives stabbing through her skin. A searing, ripping feeling exploded from the centre of her spine and caused her entire body to shudder. Her thoughts were a blur as the convulsions intensified…what’s happening? I need it to stop.

She plunged through turbulent air. She felt as though she was being pulled from every direction. The most severe tugging seemed to originate in her back.

She had lost all bearings and didn’t have a clue which way was upward. Not that it mattered anyway. She was in no fit state to think about directions. 

There was a blinding yellow light, and then nothing.