Cover revamp 

Something wasn’t quite working for me with the cover I had made for my book.

I kept the basics of it but added more to it. I think the wings on their own were a good reference for myself but it’s catchier with the sihouette. At least in my opinion. 


My book is being posted on Wattpad. I’ve posted more or less half of it up so far:

Sharing my work

After a few suggestions, I will be sharing my work on Wattpad. This will sort of be a beta read to see how it’s received.

I have been very reluctant to put all my work up without having it looked at professionally, but as I have been rejected, oh so many times, I have decided that it’s time I just put it out there and see what happens.

If it’s well received I will look into self-publishing it.

Step one: design my cover.

I have designed my own cover. I did it myself because I actually enjoy playing around on Photoshop. But if people don’t like it, I will look into getting done by a proper designer.

This is it if anyone wants to comment before I post it on Wattpad:

Air Fay Cover ©Carolina De Vivo

Air Fay Cover
©Carolina De Vivo

Alternative to self-publishing

At my writers group last night, we had a guest author join us, Melanie Gow. She is a non-fiction writer and photographer. Her latest book was entirely made up with photos and as such she struggled to publish it conventionally, even though she already was published before. Because of the costs involved in the book, she turned to crowd funding.

This was a concept I’ve never heard of for a book. Movie yes – the Veronica Mars movie, and various fan-fiction films spring to mind – but not a book. It’s actually an interesting route to consider. Instead of taking on all the costs of publishing, you build a business proposal and get people to invest in your book. This money covers the cost of editing, proofreading, cover designs, as well as printing and distribution. And on top of getting the money you need to produce the book, you are also building an audience.

She also suggested that I build a following for my book because it’s such a niche world. So I will be putting it up on Wattpad as I edit each chapter again.

And then who knows, either self-publishing, or crowd funding.

Prologue Excerpt from Auri Series 1

This is part of my prologue from book 1, (tentatively named) ‘Fairies in the Wind.’

As the first rays of the brilliantly red sunrise filled the sky, something disrupted the silence of the forest. A voice was chanting, and as it ended, reality shifted. The bounds of human nature were shattered, and the girl disappeared into nothingness.

As she tumbled between the junction of the worlds, her thoughts were a frantic stream of panic.

This is not right!

What did she do to me?!

That was the last thought she had before excruciating pain overtook her senses.

Pain. Agony, unlike any other she’d ever experienced, pierced through every inch of her body. It was like a million tiny knives stabbing through her skin. A searing, ripping feeling exploded from the centre of her spine and caused her entire body to shudder. Her thoughts were a blur as the convulsions intensified…what’s happening? I need it to stop.

She plunged through turbulent air. She felt as though she was being pulled from every direction. The most severe tugging seemed to originate in her back.

She had lost all bearings and didn’t have a clue which way was upward. Not that it mattered anyway. She was in no fit state to think about directions. 

There was a blinding yellow light, and then nothing.