Split focus

Lately I’ve had so many ideas bouncing around my mind it’s been hard to focus. 

I’ve technically got two projects on the go. I had been writing another story with a friend – but due to busy schedules, I was the main one writing. In general the story was my idea but my friend came up with some really good details. But then I put that on hold while I got pulled in deeper into my second fairy book. I’ve regretted putting the other one on hold because I really liked where it was going and the characters. But I felt that my own needed more priority. 

I’ve of course written some short pieces that I’ve put up here, which haven’t distracted me too much. 

But there are two short pieces that keep nagging at my mind. One is the dystopia that I published here a while back. The other is a short story that I wrote for my writing group and the theme was Halloween. 

The latter story has been on my mind lately. It was originally a spin-off of a short story that I had written for English class back in high school. The theme had really interested me, and still does apparently. 

The other night – while trying to sleep, which is apparently my favourite inspirational time – I formulated the character properly, and the detail of her gift/curse/whatever. So the next morning I wrote down something. It was only about five lines, but it’s a pretty good opening in my opinion. But now I’d have to think up the rest of it which is slightly daunting! 

I just don’t know what to do! I can’t focus on so many stories, especially not now as I’m going to be going back to uni soon. I won’t have time to write on my second book never mind three other stories that keep running through my mind. But if I don’t write it down the ideas won’t stop. Or worse I’ll lose the ideas. 

Real dilemma.