Still as a statue

In the middle of the forest there lay the ruins of an old building. Half the walls and the foundation were intact but the roof had long since crumbled away. This ruin was not known to many, but to the locals it was a curious treasure.

In the middle of the ruin there lay a statue. Unlike the building surrounding it, the statue was in perfect condition. A woman hunched over hugging her knees with her face hidden away from public view.

In the middle of a nearby town there lay a girl. She had grown up visiting the ruin and statue as most of the children in the area did. She had imagined stories around the woman. As a child she had talked to the statue. Now as a young woman she still visited the statue when she needed comfort.

Maya didn’t know why the statue brought her comfort. Maybe it was imagining someone else’s story that eased her pain. Maybe just escaping her life just for a few minutes helped. She tried to visit whenever she could get away – which wasn’t often.

Right now she was supposed to be at an appointment but she was called here instead. She felt a magnetic pull to be here in this precise moment.

She ran her hand along the smooth cold marble. It soothed her frayed nerves.

Back and forth as her breathing slowed to match the rhythm.

Until suddenly her hand lay on top of warm flesh. She jerked her hand back and stared transfixed as the marble receded and the statue turned into a real woman.

Mysterious Memorabilia

A box was sitting in his room when he got back. It definitely wasn’t his box; it was too girly. It was a wooden box with intricately carved patterns all over it. There were flowers and even a rainbow on the lid. Definitely not a man’s box.
Despite his aversion to it, he was curious. He sauntered across his room to investigate. He picked it up off his bed and sat down with it. It was about the size of a book. It was light, though he could hear objects moving around inside.
Opening it he found a note on top. It was made of thick writing paper. Unfolding it, he felt a jolt in his stomach. On top of the paper was an ornate letter ‘R’ embossed on it. There was only one ‘R’ he knew. In neat handwriting that he recognised, were four sentences: “Use them wisely. Think before you act. Be careful. Love always.”
Under the letter were four objects. A small heart made of red crystal, a silver ornamental horseshoe about the size of his palm, a small porcelain elephant, and a gold star pendant.
What on earth was he supposed to use these for? They were lady’s jewellery or ornaments. He was a man, and had no use for any of these things. Use them wisely for what?
If these were supposed to be clue or meant to help him in any way, they were failing miserably.
He felt worse seeing these objects than he had before when everything had happened. It reminded him how many secrets there were and how little he knew.