Editing part 2

So I heard back from the publisher after resubmitting my edited work and it’s still not good enough.

I still have a lot of passive voice, and I haven’t built my new world properly, and my descriptions in the beginning – while good – are a bit confusing?

I’m not sure what else I can change. I guess I need professional help to get it right.

Maybe for now I should put it aside and focus on my studies and try again in a couple years?


This past week I’ve been editing my book after some very constructive critique. I’ve only gotten up to chapter 7 as I’m fitting it around real life.

Never having had any proper feedback like this, my previous editing has mostly been about tidying it up. Sure, I kept adding to it – I have the multicoloured document to prove it – but I’ve never edited quite like this.

I’m probably not doing it right but it’s all I can think to do.

I’ve rewritten some parts, hopefully better. And along the way I’ve been fixing my sentences. Apparently I write in the passive voice.

It’s amazing how much you notice things once it’s actually pointed out to you.

I’m waiting on a proofreader to double check things before I resubmit though. I find it’s always better to hae someone else read things because they notice things you miss. A second pair of eyes and all that.

I’ll hopefully be able to resubmit by Monday.

Best rejection letter

I know what you’re thinking! How is that possible?

But seriously this letter was really encouraging, and… wait for it… they gave me tips to improve, AND, yes there’s more, they’ve invited me to resubmit once I’ve fixed what they’ve suggested.

I’m so amazed that they not only read it in one day and got back to me, but also gave me feedback even though they were saying no.

It has really gotten my writing fire going again.

Only one tiny problem, I have no time to write at the moment. Why couldn’t this great opportunity have come 5 months ago?