Another 100 words for the writing group

Full of dreams of a bright future. Finish school, get a degree, then enter your dream job. Not so fast, you need another degree. But how to pay for more education? Ignore all the jobs you’re still not qualified for, keep looking for anything. Oh there’s a job, the pay is ok and it kind of has some of your interests. Working and saving with the next degree in mind. By the time you’ve completed that next degree, you find out you still need more. By now the job that’s supporting your dreams has destroyed all passion for anything.

Update on life

I just wanted to give an update. I haven’t given up the blog, or quit it like I have other things.

I’ve just been so busy lately with uni and work. I’m at uni for 4 days a week this month, and while it’s only for 1 and then 2 hours with an hour in between, I spend an hour on the train there and another hour back. And I spend about an hour in the library before class. So in short that doesn’t leave much time for anything.

I have been writing, although not the kind of writing that I do for fun. I’m writing a 2000 word essay and that may seem easy but it’s really not. I’ve got to about 1200 words and I’m struggling to do the last 800. To get to that number I’ve had to read about 8 journal articles. And articles are somewhat boring! Although, they actually explain how to read them – not all in one go but to go to the sections that are important. It may seem obvious but I always read them all in one go and hated it. 

I’ve bought some books to help with all future writing, as this is going to be with me for a very long time. Of course, the books aren’t going to help me write a fictional book as they’re all about writing reports and articles. But I suppose any writing is good right?

So anyway that’s where I am. I haven’t forgotten my website.