COVID-19 100 words

Daily Reality
By Rosa Carr

Our new reality is the never-ending loop of reliving the same day, but we, as the protagonists, can’t escape. Our mission is survival. Keeping the panic at bay while watching the numbers tick upwards. Separated from things that bring us joy. Trapped inside with people we wouldn’t want to spend 24/7 with. Some are finding new passions. Relationships are tested, but new ways of communication and social interactions are developing. 
There is only silver lining to this nightmare: nature is healing and thriving as humankind diminishes. 
Once we survive this horror, will we change? Will we change the world? Ourselves?

As written for my writing group: original post.


Another 100 words for the writing group

Full of dreams of a bright future. Finish school, get a degree, then enter your dream job. Not so fast, you need another degree. But how to pay for more education? Ignore all the jobs you’re still not qualified for, keep looking for anything. Oh there’s a job, the pay is ok and it kind of has some of your interests. Working and saving with the next degree in mind. By the time you’ve completed that next degree, you find out you still need more. By now the job that’s supporting your dreams has destroyed all passion for anything.


This was a writing group exercise on the prompt “ray”

“Dawn is not long off,” he says, urging me on. Yawns stifle my grumpy response.

“I promise you won’t regret it.” He’s dragging me out the door.

It’s far too early to be this happy, I think, too tired to actually vocalise.

I’m trying to shoot a death stare at him as I’m half lifted into the car. It probably looks more like I’m going back to sleep rather than the death rays I’m hoping for.

He hops in the car and speeds off. Screeching to a halt across the lake in time to see the sun’s rays break the horizon.

Expanding my online horizons

Yesterday in my writing group, we had a guest speaker, author Kathryn Freeman. She was lovely! We really enjoyed talking to her and hearing her great advice.

One of her biggest suggestions was to get ourselves set up online.

Now for me this was fine. Some other members are bit reluctant but they get the importance.

So I was thinking, I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, so I’m fine right? But then I realised that I don’t have a website and blog.

Hmm that was a problem.

I have recently – as of last week, in fact – created a website for our group. I took on the task because I was one of the more techo-comfortable in the group and I had the most time on my hands (which in theory is fair enough since I only work part-time, but lately I’ve been working 2 people’s part-time jobs and so not so much time). But anyway, I took on the task because, hey, it’ll be good experience at the least.

Turned out to be lots of fun actually! I took photos to put up, played around with the photos to make (in my opinion) really cool and fun logos and headers, and then played around with layout.

So where am I getting at? Well after having done all this for my writing group, and after last night’s meeting, I have decided to create my own website and blog.